Music Recordings

(2009) "Make Someone Happy!

(2007) "Never Alone"

(2005) "Sing-along & Dance-along" (Children's Music) 

(2002) "On a Carpet Ride"

(1998) "Forgiveness"

(1997) "For The Love of my dog"   (Children's Music)

(1995) "Voice in the Dark"

(1995) "More Than"

(1994) "Songs From The Heart"

         (Children's Music) 

B i o g r a p h y

Phyllis is an "indie" artist, vocalist, songwriter, performer & educator from Los Angeles. She is best known for her contemporary pop/jazz songs and "smooth alto-sultry" vocal styling. 


Phyllis's passion for music started during high school as a self-taught musician.  She loved writing songs on her acoustic guitar and dulcimer and playing music with her musician friends.  During collage, she continued writing songs and playing music as she pursued a professional art career.  In the day hours Phyllis worked on her academic studies in art and at night she worked on songwriting. After ten years of intensive study,  Phyllis received a BA in Art from California State University Los Angeles, and a MA in Art History/Museum Studies from USC. 


Throughout most of Phyllis's life, she was drawn to various cultures, art and music. As a young child, she played the autoharp in elementary school, the clarinet in junior high and guitar & dulcimer in high school. It was during high school that she discovered her passion for writing and singing.  Without any traditional or formal musical training, Phyllis ventured out on her own to follow her musical dream.  She wanted to be a songwriter and perform live. 

STUDIO 1:   Music Productions & Performances

Pinky Paws Productions

Musical Services & Products


In 1994, Phyllis started her home based music production studio. "Pinky Paws Productions" (named after one of her dogs). This was a turning point  in Phyllis's musical career and from then on, she dedicated most of her time to songwriting & vocal performance. She also produced and recorded several CDs and released them under her own music label.  

Phyllis has performed at various festivals, museums, cafes, restaurants, wine bars, coffee houses, community events, private & corporate fundraisers, senior communities, weddings & receptions throughout Southern California, Seattle, New York, New Mexico, Las Vegas & Hawaii.  Her music has also been featured on various radio programs and shows in Los Angeles, Seattle,  New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Toronto, Canada, Portugal & Seoul, Korea. 

Over the past twenty years, Phyllis has performed many "Sing-along"children's concerts.  She has worked with and encouraged many young children, teens and adults to sing their heart out.  Phyllis has also produced several performances and has led workshops to inspire students of all ages to pursue their musical dreams. 

STUDIO 2:   Creative Expression


                     BE Studios

EnhancingWellness Through Creativity 


Throughout the years Phyllis has lived an artist & musician's life.  She has also felt the joy, pleasure & pain of being an artist & musician. Just like in life, there are good days & not so good days.  But in spite of the many challenges, Phyllis never gave up. There was something very special & magical about creating art and music.  She discovered that it had the power to transform. It could make the not so good days better, and the good days even greater. "Creativity is a special ingredient that can help to transform and reshape reality...making art & music is therapeutic & transformative." It can deepen our connection to ourself & help us to better understand the world around us. 

In 2006, Phyllis launched BE Studios: Enhancing Wellness Through Creativity to enhance & uplift the dreams & spirit of children, young adults & seniors through creativity. Her studio encourages others to create music, art, videos, short stores & books to enhance wellness. "Creative artistic expressions can be healing and therapeutic.  It has the potential to heal and nurture the individual to a higher state of well being.  BE Studios encourages self expression, happiness & wellness. Programs & events are individually tailored and designed primarily for each individual's passions & dreams. 



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